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A touch of Excellence

Through our knowledgeable and highly skilled professional staff connected by a common virtue of commitment, we deliver projects that meet international standards always;

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Nickseth Construction Company Limited is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in the year 2006, with a registered office in Adenta Accra and Appiadu (Head Office) and Bomso in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. We design, build, and manage projects and manufacture quality building products for our global clients and customers. Putting together the history of Nickseth Construction Company Limited, one of the leading services providers in the building and construction industry, since its existence, has been quite difficult because of the chain of interesting upshots that characterize our survival and achievements. The first Directors of the company are Messrs Nicholas Frimpong Boateng and Seth Adjaye Otchere. The company has since expanded its Board of Directors to include a mix of professionals such as businessmen, architects, lawyers, environmentalists, and university dons, all of whom have entrepreneurial qualities.
Although the Company commenced from the lowest starting point of ratings of the Ministry of Works and Housing, the spirit of oneness and with character and high standards, both employers and employees have worked tirelessly to improve its performance and successfully defended and maintained our core values as enshrined in our vision and mission statements. Many hurdles had to be leaped to survive the dynamics of market penetration and its associated turbulence. It took a strong character to brave and endure the economic ups, downs, and uncertainties.
The company has now re-positioned itself to become one of the leaders in the building and construction industry. Nickseth’s innovativeness, swiftness in adapting to changing situations and their accompanying technology and mindfulness of the need to minimize waste in the industry have placed The company on a very high pedestal (a position of great esteem). Since our establishment, through our self-motivation rooted in our core values, we have demonstrated that no project is too big or too complex for us to successfully complete and on schedule. We are the choice of clients and customers by reason of our exceptional ability to maintain high industrial integrity and also because of our possession of the resources necessary to solve the most elusive challenges, making us a model of success. It is therefore not surprising that the company’s image has been steadily improved over this short period of its existence to be awarded a certificate of Classes D1 and K1 in the year 2010 by the Ministry of Works and Housing. We owe our achievement to our Clients and Customers, Diligent Staff, Management and Board of Directors.
Our hard-working staff upholds our core values leading to our excellence in the industry. We are, however, not complacent by this great feat. It serves only as a blueprint or a baseline industrial barometer to guide our performance in subsequent years. We are guided by the conviction of the maxim that ‘the success of a company and social well-being are mutually dependent’. For this reason, over the years of its existence, Nickseth Construction Company Limited has not lost sight of its corporate social responsibility. The Company has honoured this by making donations and providing services to a broad spectrum of social institutions in the country. To mention a few, we have donated building materials, drugs, food and other items to the Kumasi Children’s Home on a regular bases; renovated some buildings at the Kumasi Children’s Home; at no cost to the home, donated cash to the Pioneers Research Fund and the Ghana Institute of Construction and in the community (Appiadu), our first operational yard and Administrative Office, we have built a modern police station to serve the Appiadu Community and its environs. We have also built a modern bath house, a mechanized borehole with an overhead water tank for the Bosome Freho Senior High School in Asiwa.



Our core values revolve around: ‘Integrity, Excellence and Timeless Perfection’ that every step Nickseth Construction takes must measure up to.


To maintain a strong passion for a touch of excellence towards timeless perfection in the construction industry.


Through our knowledgeable and highly skilled professional staff connected by a common virtue of commitment, we deliver projects that meet international standards always; With our solid base past projects as our symbol of integrity, we intend to maintain our virtue of clients’ satisfaction driven by professional advice, which has been a benchmark of quality, that explains our acceptance as a leader in the construction industry.