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Evangelist Fred Darko

Chaplain/ Board Member

Evangelist Fred Darko is a devout Christian and staunch member of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. He has served in various capacities in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana as the National Chairman of the Bible Study and Prayer Group and currently the Director of Bible Study and Prayer Group Centre at Chirapatre, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Due to his immense love for God’s work, he undertook evangelism course at the Presbyterian Centre at Abetifi and worked with Ghana Evangelism Committee in Kumasi. Again, he underwent a course with the Christian Council on Marriage Counselling. He was involved in church planting activities for the Presbyterian church of Ghana. Evangelist Darko has served for over thirty (30) years as the elder at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at Bantama and South Suntreso.

As the company’s chaplain, he nurtures employees to be followers of Christ and always makes sure the employees take part in Christian activities. He always preaches togetherness and inculcate in the employees, the need for hardwork and the exhibition of good character at the workplace. Evangelist Fred Darko is the company’s prayer warrior who ensures that all newly projects and equipment are dedicated into the care of Almighty God.

He served as a member of other Boards in Kumasi and Accra. Evangelist Darko has worked with UTC motors and Jute factory as Mechanical Supervisor at the Engineering Department.